Saturday, April 2, 2016

Richmond Terrell Skipworth Family Cemetery, Hinds County, Mississippi

This morning I was waffling around trying to decide if it was too wet to get out. I've got rain boots in my trunk and a pair of water resistant hiking boots for stomping around the woods and such. It was such a gorgeous morning, I decided it was worth making a road trip. Again, it was back down to southern Hinds County. The cemetery I went to find is the Richmond Terrell Skipworth Family Cemetery. According to directions provided by Mary Collins Landin on the cemetery page in Find-A-Grave, it should be at the end of Bolton Road which runs off of Highway 27 between Utica and Crystal Springs. There's another cemetery down that way that is supposed to be on Brock Road off of Highway 27, but that's for another day.

The cemetery is supposed to be on the side of the old Bolton home which is at the end of Bolton Road. Finding Bolton Road was no problem. The maps and sign actually said P Bolton Road. I'm not sure what the P stands for. I drove to the end of the short road. I came to a home off from the end of the road behind a gated part of the front of the property. The gate across the driveway wasn't closed, but as soon as I stopped and looked around, three dogs started barking pretty close to the house, and I saw a couple of signs that concerned me. One says "Posted", and the other says "Insured by Smith and Wesson."

The fact that it also says "Bolton Country" makes me feel like I was in the right area. Facing the driveway, there was an old abandoned home to my right. I guess that could be the old Bolton home, but I'm not sure. I was hoping somebody would come outside when the dogs started barking, and I could ask them. That didn't happen. I decided to do what I've done in the past. I tore off part of the piece of paper that had the list of folks buried in the cemetery and wrote a note to the landowner(s) and put it in the closest mailbox. I also checked on to see if a Bolton lived down that way. Come to find out, a Mr. Kevin D. Bolton is supposed to live at 1520 Bolton Road. That was the address on the mailbox I put the note into. I think I'm going to wait another hour or so and give the number a call. I feel like they've probably checked their mail but just to give them plenty of time I'll wait.

Hopefully with a phone call or a note in the mailbox we'll be in touch, and I'll get permission to photograph the cemetery. I'll have to just wait and see.


Last night was a wonderful one. I decided to call the phone number again. I didn't get an answer and decided not to leave a message. About five minutes later I get a call from someone at the number who had just gotten a call from my number. I told him who I was and asked he was Mr. Bolton. It wasn't. It was his son. He was very nice and asked if I'd like the phone number for his dad. I told him I'd appreciate it if he didn't mind. After getting Mr. Bolton's number I called him. He was very pleasant and very helpful. He had gotten my note, and had just discussed it with his aunt, who also lives at the end of P Bolton Road. She doesn't mind, but would like to tidy up the little cemetery first. I told Mr. Bolton I certainly understood, and that was perfectly fine. I tried to make sure he knew he's doing me a favor and as long as it all proceeds at his and his aunt's convenience, I'm happy.

We had a nice conversation. I asked him about the old Bolton home. He said it's not around anymore. He said a Bolton has been on that property for ages. I told him I noticed the sign out front that says, "Bolton Country Est. 1875", I believe it is. He also mentioned there's a Magnolia tree where the driveway splits that's 105 years old. I love that sort of thing! Anyway, as soon as he gets a chance, he'll get the little cemetery cleaned up and give me a call. I'm pumped. I read what Mary Collins Landin had to say about the cemetery though and was a little disappointed. There are supposed to be six people buried, but only one headstone. However, from the dates in her book, it may be the headstone I'm looking for, that of Richmond Terrell Skipworth. Even if it's not, it was a treat visiting with Mr. Bolton, and I look forward to meeting him in person.

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