Saturday, February 6, 2016

Camden Cemetery, Madison County, Mississippi

It's been awhile since I've been graving. I stopped getting out during the holidays, mainly because it's deer season, among other things. I don't think I look like a deer, but maybe at a distance with no hunter orange clothing...

Anyway, I looked on Find-A-Grave at cemeteries in Madison County. Camden Cemetery had six requests. It's not far from Canton, and I've never been there before. So, I filled up at Kroger, for .88 a gallon with discount, drove to Canton, hit the McDonald's for a couple of sausage and biscuits and a small Coke. For me, that's standard out of town graving fare. One is for the trip there, and one is after all that hard work walking the cemetery.

It only takes about an hour from my house to get there. It's an easy trip up Highway 51 and on Loring Road. You pass by Velma Jackson High School, and it's on your left right before you get to Highway 17. The cemetery is not marked. I assumed that was the right one considering where I was, and as it turned out, it was the correct one. It's a pretty little fenced in cemetery up on a hill. It's well kept and easy to walk.

One of the headstones I was looking for was for Lillian Magruder. There were a bunch of Magruders up toward the front, but the first pass through, I didn't see it. I saw one that I couldn't make out, but I had others to find, so I moved on. It was only when I was ready to leave that I saw it. It was the one I couldn't make out. With the rising of the sun though, it illuminated it nicely. The problem is and was that it's so degraded, it's very difficult to make out.

I had a brush and a gallon of distilled water in my car, but I was really reluctant to do any scrubbing on it for fear of making it worse. If the stone was erected when she died, I guess 128 years of weather can do that to a headstone. When I posted it on Find-A-Grave, I added a caption. Based on the birth month and year and the death month and year, plus what I could make out of her name, I believe that's her. It's sad to see those in that bad shape, but maybe at least with what picture I posted, the image is frozen in time

I managed to find five of the six requests and it was time to head out. But, since I've never seen Camden, I thought I'd check it out. The coolest thing is there is the post office.

Best I could tell, that was pretty much it. There are a couple of abandoned buildings, but I have no clue what old businesses used them.

Now it was time to head home. On the way to the cemetery, I passed a piece of an old bridge right off of Highway 51 by the Duncan Gray Center. I made myself a note to stop and check it out. I think it's very cool.

That's about it for what I saw and did today. It was gorgeous morning and just a bit on the brisk side. IMO, it was perfect graving weather. I always prefer that to breaking out in a sweat as soon as I get out of my car. I don't miss the heat and humidity. It'll get here soon enough.