Sunday, November 23, 2014

Brushy Fork Cemetery, Copiah County, Mississippi

Last Saturday morning, and then again yesterday morning, I went to try and find Brushy Fork Cemetery. Unfortunately, the directions where less than clear, referring to land marks from some time ago that most folks aren't familiar with.

Cemetery notes and/or description: on Copiah-Claiborne Co line on the Hermanville Carpenter Rd, 1 1/2 miles form the O'Quinn & 16 1/2 miles from Womack Store west of Galatin, ms Brushy Fork Church was once known as the Old Stage Coach Road. The Church was abandoned over 40 years ago and the last burial in the cemetery was in 1911.

Gallatin was a small town to the west of Hazlehurst. At one time it was the county seat for Copiah County before it was moved to Hazlehurst. There is a stone marker in the yard next to a building right off of West Gallatin Road.

As for the Womack Store, I'm not sure. I spoke with the Chancery Clerk there in Hazlehurst who knows all about the area. When I described the building I had seen last weekend, he seemed to feel that was Womack Store. This is how it looks today.

Going back to the directions, it says "16 1/2 miles from Womack Store west of Gallatin, MS". I haven't shown this picture to the Chancery Clerk, but I'm going to assume it is for the time being. I reset my odometer, and headed on Old Port Gibson Road toward Hermanville.

I followed the same approach last Saturday, but did some wandering around so that I was way past 16 1/2 miles. Yesterday I stuck to the 16 1/2 miles. Last weekend, I came to a church that was falling down. I have no idea how old it is, but it was obviously abandoned. Could this be the church?

This trip, it was almost exactly 16 1/2 miles to this church from what may be Womack Store. I didn't see any sign of life around to ask if they might know. I walked all around the church and the property on either side. I didn't see any signs of headstones or a cemetery. When I started driving off, I noticed a cemetery practically right next door. There were two problems though. According to the directions, the last burial was in 1911, and there were considerably more folks buried in the cemetery than on the list I had to og by, and well after 1911. The second problem is that the cemetery is an African American cemetery, and I feel like Brushy Fork is probably white.

If you look at the record on Find-A-Grave, it shows the town as Carpenter. It mentions the Hermanville Carpenter Road. The only road I know of that goes between the two towns is Highway 18. It could be that I'm letting the whole business about Gallatin get in the way. I'm not sure why that was in the directions unless that's how the writer got to the cemetery. When I go back again, I'm just going down Highway 18 to Carpenter, look around there and between Carpenter and Hermanville. The directions say "on the Copiah-Claiborne line on the Hermanville Carpenter Road. I may have just gotten myself sidetracked. It wouldn't be the first time.

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