Sunday, August 10, 2014

Heard Cemetery, Yazoo County, Mississippi

Well, I'm not having much success these days. I thought I'd go look for Heard Cemetery this morning in or around Linwood, MS in Yazoo County. There are several I've looked for in this same general area including Day and Alsop Cemeteries.

This time I probably should have checked out the coordinate on Google Maps. After going though, I don't know if looking at the map would have made any difference.

I was on Posey Lane when I came to a home and a cattle gate across what appears to be Posey Lane. Along the pond are a couple of buildings, one of which is what I believed to be the home of Mr. Posey. I pulled right up to the house to ask someone if I saw any sign of life. I did see a dog who happened to be standing between me and the front door. I like dogs just fine, but I'm a little uneasy around dogs I don't know. There were three or four trucks parked next to the house, and it was about 10:00 in the morning. Even with me pulling up so close to the house and the dog occasionally barking, nobody came to the door. Again, according to the map, it looked like it was on Mr. Posey's property and I didn't want to wander off across his land without his permission.

There were two homes on Posey Lane, and two mailboxes on Pepper Wilson. I didn't know which was Mr. Posey's, so I left a note in each box letting them know why I was there and asking if they're familiar with the cemetery and didn't mind my photographing it, could they please call me. That was Saturday, August 9th. I'll see if I get a response. I'm thinking probably not, but you never know.

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