Sunday, August 10, 2014

Day Cemetery, Yazoo County, Mississippi

When I went to the Yazoo County GenWeb page to look at the cemeteries there, I saw something of a mystery. There is a Day Cemetery and a Days Cemetery. The mystery is that the folks I record in Find-A-Grave under Alsop Cemetery are listed under Day Cemetery on the GenWeb page. To add another element to the mystery, according to the GNIS names and coordinates, the Day Cemetery is in Vaughan, but the Days Cemetery is in Bentonia. In Find-A-Grave, those listed under the Day Cemetery should actually be in the Days Cemetery. That's curious. So, I thought I'd try to find the Day Cemetery in Vaughan off of Day Place Road.

The first time I went, I came across a cemetery and my Garmin said I had arrived. It appeared and seems to have been confirmed that the cemetery I was in was actually Plainfield Independent Church Cemetery, according to Find-A-Grave, and the church is Plainville Independent Church off on Pepper Wilson Road, which is also a bit confusing since there are two different names. I was confused.

When I got back home, I created a map using the coordinates for Plainfield, and the coordinates from the GNIS. They're very close together.

I can't find any information on who is supposed to be buried in Day Cemetery. I decided to give it another shot looking for the cemetery. It appears to be located between the pond there and Day Place Road. I noticed a cattle gate that might lead to the area. I climbed over it and started beating the bushes. I walked from one end of the pond to the other as close as I could get and then covered the area between the road, Plainfield Independence Church Cemetery and the lake. I didn't see a sign of any headstones or a little fenced in area, or any other clues that a cemetery was there somewhere. It could be that only one or two folks were actually buried there, and the stones have fallen and been covered up by the pine straw and dirt. I actually thought about making some dowsing rods and see if those helped. I've never used them, but some folks swear by them.

I passed a couple of houses on Day Place Road this time and the last time I tried. There were cars out front, but no signs of activity. If it wasn't pretty early on a Saturday morning, I probably would have knocked on the door. I did leave a note in the mailbox hoping someone would call, but no such luck.

I'm 0 for 2 in my last couple of outings, but I'm not discouraged. Not only are there plenty more to look for, but you never know. I may bump into somebody while searching for others who know exactly where they are. It seems that's the way it works.


  1. Well well Well. on Sunday September 21, 2014 my family and i came to tchula and yazoo to visit family members as i am into family search. We will going to Attala county soon. My family are
    Coopers and Patterson. They are from attala, Yazoo and Holmes county. Anyway my great great grandfather Eddie Cooper is said to be in the cememtary that you speak of. My gps brought me exactly to where it brought you. I seen the same fence that you climbed. If you should find the real grave site please let me know.

    1. Hello Anthony. I see there is a picture posted of Eddie Cooper on Find-A-Grave in the Plainfield Independent Church Cemetery. I just noticed that today. Since the cemetery is on Day Place Road, I'm wondering if the original name was Day Cemetery. I really don't know for certain. That's just a guess.

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