Sunday, June 22, 2014

Bradshaw Cemetery, Yazoo County, Mississippi

Bradshaw Cemetery is around the Phoenix community. It's located on private property off of Russelville Road, but Mrs. Hintson could let us in. So we left Bonnie Cemetery and Churchill Plantation and headed there. I wasn't familiar with the cemetery and since it too was on private property, I figured it probably wouldn't be listed in Find-A-Grave.

It seemed like it only took a few minutes to get to the property. Mrs. Hintson opened the gate. Mr. Hinston and I pulled up a bit so Mrs. Hintson could close the gate. After getting back in their truck, they led the way and we drove up a road to the Bradshaw place. Like the Bonney home, the Bradshaw place was also built in the 1830's, and is every bit as neat. It's a dogtrot.

While I was taking pictures, the Hintsons told the neatest stories. Mr. Hinton told me that when it rains, rain that comes off of one side of the roof drains into the Yazoo River, and rain that comes off the other side of the roof drains into the Big Black River. I love bits of trivia like that. Mrs. Hintson mentioned that years ago, kids in the area who walked to school would just cut through the house. Because of the way the house was made, the front doors and the back doors line up. So, the kids could take a little shortcut right through the house. Mr. Hintson mentioned too that even on hot days, you can sit on the porch with the doors open, and it's perfectly comfortable with a breeze blowing through. The house also has high ceilings so the heat is not right on top of you.

I hate the picture of the house is not better. It certainly doesn't do it justice. I'm not a professional photographer, and I had some difficulty with the light. In person, the house is amazing.

After I got some pictures and enjoyed looking at a beautiful bit of history, I asked Mr. Hintson if the cemetery was nearby. He said it was, but it'd be best to all go in his truck. I love my little Ford Escort, but it's definitely not designed for off road travel. It only took a minute or so to get to the cemetery. I don't know what I expected to see, but this wasn't it. The cemetery is beautiful. There are several old cedar trees with Spanish moss hanging from the branches. It's very well kept up.

As we walked through the cemetery taking pictures, Mrs. Hintson would tell me about some of the people buried there and ones she is related to. Mr. Hintson was a wonderful help. He would put broken headstones back together when he could, and even clean off some of the dirtier ones. Yet again, they were so helpful and kind as well as being so unselfish with their time. Several of the pictures didn't come out well. I thought I had gotten the coordinates, but I didn't. I'm hoping they'll let me go back at some point in the future and finish up.

At some point during our visit, the subject of Wesley Chapel came up. It's right around the corner from where we were. They have probably the most beautiful cemetery. You'll see Spanish moss in the trees, but there are also azaleas all over. In the spring, it makes for a gorgeous sight. As it turns out, the Hintsons go to church there. Not only that, but Mrs. Hintson has copy of the latest survey made of the cemetery. She was sweet enough to drop a copy in the mail for me. I got it yesterday, and she had also included all those buried in Bradshaw Cemetery. I could have hung around with the Hintsons all day. It made for a wonderful visit. But, it was about time to head home. They told me how to get to Mechanicsburg Road and back to Highway 433, so we parted company and headed home.

To me, this was just one more example of how even though the destination is important, it's all about the journey. It also reminded me that so often I wouldn't find what I was looking for were it not for the kindness of strangers. The Hintsons are no longer strangers, and if it weren't for them, I would have ended my day quickly at Liverpool Cemetery.

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