Saturday, July 20, 2013

Jonathan L. Catchings Family Cemetery, Hinds County, Mississippi

I decided last night to pick out another cemetery from Find-A-Grave which didn't have a map or a picture. I went looking for the Jonathan L. Catchings Family Cemetery in Hinds County. I've always gotten a kick out of the cemetery notes and/or description. For this they were as follows:

Cemetery notes and/or description: Turn left from state highway 18 traveling southwest from Raymond Mississippi onto Dry Grove Road. Follow this road and turn left on Parsons road. Follow Parsons road for 1 yard straight ahead in a grove of old cedars and pecans trees. Close to Palestine Community.
I'm curious about following Parsons Road for 1 yard. I bought a fabulous book by Mary Collins Landin, The Old Cemeteries of Hinds County, Mississippi. In her book, for this cemetery, she says
It is in a pasture about 300 yards from the road, and across the road from a high hill where the old Catchings Plantation home stood.
I did a search for the cemetery to see if I could find out any other information, and one of the hits was for the Hinds County MSGenWeb page, where there were additional notes.
In 2005, the farm where the Jonanthan Catchings Cemetery is located has been planted in CRP pine trees, and the cemetery is completely surrounded by pines and no longer visible from any road.
I asked several folks including a very nice elderly couple on Parsons Road. It was interesting that about a year ago, this same couple was visited by a couple from Alabama also looking for the cemetery. She doesn't think they had any luck either.

I believe remains of the cemetery are still there, but it'll be another day that I can possibly prove it. Just getting out looking for it with hopes of finding it was good enough, and it was a beautiful summer day for a drive and a little exploring.

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