Saturday, April 14, 2012

Mt. Olivet Cemetery, Yazoo County, Mississippi

This morning I had a nice road trip back to Highway 433 and Mechanicsburg.  Mt. Olivet Cemetery is right across the street from the Mt. Olivet Methodist Church.  It's on 433 and not far from Mechanicsburg Road.  I passed The Blue Rooster again on the way there and stopped in for a bottle of tea and a pack of nabs for the ride home.

I picked Mt. Olivet because there were 13 requests for pictures.  I ended up finding 8 of the 13 graves.  I hate I didn't fine the other 5, but unfortunately there were several headstones that I couldn't read, and I found several of the flat bronze markers that were mostly covered by grass.  I'm afraid there may be some that have gotten completely covered and are no longer visible.

There was a feature of this cemetery that I thought was interesting.  They had a section set aside for Confederate soldiers who had passed away.  A small shelter was constructed with four benches you can sit on to relax or reflect.  The headstones are emmaculate.  I don't know how old they are, but they're obviously well cared for.  I walked through and looked that the names, dates of birth and dates of death and one struck me.  The gentleman was born in 1800 and died in 1862.  So, he was 61 when he fought in the Civil War, and died a year after the war started.  Another soldier was a 1st Lieutenant, and he was only 18 according to his dates of birth and death.  Now I wished I had taken pictures of that part.

Even though I didn't find all the graves I looked for, it was a good trip and another cemetery I had not seen before.

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